Candy Combo Oatmeal and Half-Marathon Playlist

Good morning! How about some candy for breakfast?!

The Candy Combo Oatmeal has the following candy:

Almond Joy (coconut + almonds)
Samoa (chocolate + coconut)
Reese’s (chocolate + almond butter)

Not the actual candy, but the candy flavors and it’s not processed so it is healthier 😉. This is my new favorite oatmeal combo. It is the perfect combo of crunch, sweet, and savory.

Oatmeal recipe roundup at the end of the post!

I had a lot of people ask where this dress is from, and it is J. Crew (found HERE)!

PS. I forgot my straightener and so this was the byproduct of a messy bun, let down, and thrown to one side. A straightener has now topped my “must-pack” list.

I’ve had a lot of requests for my Half-Marathon playlist, so here it is! Running to good music makes all the difference for me. I try for songs with 180 beats per minute (BPM). Music with the right BPM can really impact your stride.

Increasing your stride rate is one way to increase your speed. Elite runners have an average stride rate of 180 strides per minute. The idea is to increase your cadence (steps per minute) while exerting the same effort. To increase your stride, find music that helps pace your steps. Or try swinging your arms a little faster and your feet will follow. The average recreational runner has a stride per minute between 150-170. Try to increase your stride by 5%!
Find your stride rate: once you are at a natural rhythm, count the number of strides you take in 60 seconds. Or count left foot strikes in 60 seconds and then multiply by 2.

Having brightly painted nails also makes me run faster. Maybe? Probably? Yes, definitely. Salon de Haley. I paid her with chocolate and hugs.

Taking my “all-natural” kick to a whole new level: nature’s breakfast in Florida.


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