How to Choose Your Next Race

Heeey guys.

Ever since I watched the NYC Marathon on Sunday, I have become obsessed with researching marathons. Most scenic, fastest course, slowest course, flattest course, spring vs fall, largest, smallest, and the list goes on. I have this weird thing where before I make any big decisions, I pour my heart and soul into researching every aspect of it. That way, when I choose what I want to do, I am fully committed and know it is 100% the best option for me. Some call it Type-A, but it’s really just another day in the life for me. (Don’t even get me started on what prom dress shopping used to look like….)

After hours I think I have finally found my first marathon! This is all assuming this foot/ankle injury of mine is healed in the next month or so. Some factors I considered and think are important to consider when choosing any sort of race:

  1. Size – do you want a huge race or a small, more low key race? A lot of runners or a few runners?
  2. Weather – not only does the race day weather matter, but the TRAINING weather. Think about the 3 – 4 months ahead of time.
  3. Location – do you want to travel or be local? Some like destination marathons, some enjoy being home for their race.
  4. Course – flat? hilly? a mixture? trail? road? ….
  5. Cost – I found this to be the least variable, as most races were between $100 – $125

My answers to my own questions:

  1. Size – larger race for my first marathon…I’ll need the energy of the crowd to carry me through
  2. Weather – high 40s are my favorite running temp, so a spring marathon would be ideal for racing and training
  3. Location – I originally thought destination, but having my fam there would be awesome, so now I think local
  4. Course – semi-hilly (who am I?!). Flat would be too boring for 26.2.
  5. Cost – Not too much a factor as I’ll save $$ by staying local!

I am officially going to register for….dun dun dun….

Washington DC Rock n Roll Marathon in March! ….if my body lets me. I am going to the orthopedic doc on Thursday to see if I have a stress fracture, but praying I do not!

This is the race where my love affair with running began over 2 years ago when I ran the half-marathon.

So it only seems fitting to make it my first marathon 🙂.

If anyone else is planning on running this race, let me know and we can meet up and be best friends! My body seems to break after 17 miles so now I just need to make the most amazing marathon training plan and pray my body stays in one piece.

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