Cold Weather Running – What to Wear

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I had a reader request for how to layer and dress for cold weather running. I love this topic!…I have more running gear than normal clothes. Like most things with running, this is one of those ‘you gotta figure out what works best for you’ kinds of topics, so I will share what I have learned works best for me🙂.

Personally, I like to feel free when I’m running – this means nothing covering my legs and arms. I take this to the extreme and don’t like to carry water or wear anything outside my clothing. I stick most things in my sports bra, or the pocket in my running shorts. <– Tip #1, make sure all of your running shorts / pants have a ZIPPER pocket. I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me.

You can see it was clearly freezing out (look at what my mom is wearing – she jumped in and ran with me the last few miles of this race) but I was loving my shorts & tee.

I don’t START the race like that. I usually wear a few layers before the race, and keep a sweatshirt on that I throw off after Mile 2. Tip #2 – save old sweatshirts that you no longer want! They make for the best race-day throw-away-gear.

Literally as I was writing this, I got THIS email from Runner’s World, listing some of the best clothes to keep around to wear and throw away (or throw off) before a race! Love this article!

When it is really early in the AM and I know no one will be out to judge me, I wear spandex (talk about feeling free!)…even in the freezing. Some guy asked if I wanted my picture taken and I awkwardly had to say yes. Caught in my spandex.

Last year I fell in love with Pro Compression Socks. They are the only thing I will wear on my legs (actually wearing them as I type this). I’d highly recommend them for race days and long runs when training in the cold! They really help me with blood circulation.

The last thing I factor in when getting ready for a long run is WHERE I am running. If I am going to be on more of a trail area, I will break my own rule and wear running leggings. This is because it helps protect my legs if I am running through shrubbery or get spooked by poison ivy.

Before my first race, I used this awesome tool from Runner’s World which helped me gauge what to wear. I highly recommend it if you feel like you still haven’t figured out your cold-weather-layinger-mojo.

I hope you guys find this helpful! Using my method – I always know the first few minutes will be brutal, but it’s totally worth it to me to not have to carry around a sweatshirt a few miles later.

Q: Would you rather be too hot or too cold when running?

Q: Best race-day throw off gear?

– ex boyfriend’s sweatshirt 😉 oops!

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