Easy to Digest Foods

Hi there, happy Tuesday! Slimplify Life has a new home 🙂. Still a bit of a work in progress as I teach myself some coding.

Thank you for all the well wishes yesterday, you guys are the best!

The past few weeks I have been experimenting with ‘easy to digest foods’ and have found that this can mean two things:

1 – All natural, non processed, and therefore easy to digest (think Raw Food Diet, Paleo, etc.)
2 – Low fiber, low fat foods that are easy to digest (think BRAT diet)

My body had trouble with anything I put in it (because I needed antibiotics!). Things continued to get worse, and I soon found that the only thing I was able to eat in a day was 1 banana. Anything above that triggered crippling pains. This is far from sustainable and as my weight rapidly dropped I knew I needed to seek help.

But let’s rewind. I started eating raw foods. Why are these easy to digest?

  •  You eat whole, real foods. This eliminates preservatives, additives, coloring, and added sugars that may be causing irritation.
  • High fiber diet which may improve digestion.
  • Improves “gut health” by providing your body with the much needed nutrients.
I tried a lot of this….and my body quickly let me know that was not what it wanted.

I then moved to low fiber, low protein, and low fat foods. Why are these easy to digest?

  •  This is often known as the BRAT Diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast) which are soft foods that allow your GI tract to recover and rest.
  • Specifically designed to eliminate high fiber, high fat foods which can often cause stomach irritation.
  • **This is no longer recommended for children as the American Academy of Pediatrics now wants children to keep fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats in their diets if possible.
At this point I knew changing my eating habits wouldn’t pacify my symptoms. But, if you feel your stomach is upset or craving a little less ‘rough’ foods, go ahead and try one of the two above methods!

The #1 lesson I’ve learned from my diet changes and research is to listen to your body and do what works for you! As soon as I had a “trigger” food, my body sure let me know…I could quite literally listen to my body because it was making such loud noises.

I also did a lot of horizontal running to rest and recover =).

I have an appointment with the GI doc this morning and I am crossing my fingers for good news!I have a delicious recipe coming at ya soon that uses anti-inflammatory ingredients to ease digestion. Can you see a pattern in recent posts?! I swear I’ll get back to normal, healthy, amazing delicious recipes soon =).I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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