Erie Half-Marathon Race Recap

Hi friends!  I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start.
This is now officially my favorite race. Everything went off without a hitch, and the weather was my ideal running weather = 52 degrees, sunny, no wind, and no humidity. I thought I was being punked for the first 2 miles because it was so glorious.
There was a small EXPO the day before the race to pick up packets and look through running merchandise. Multiple running vendors in one spot is sort of how I am imagine heaven, it was beautiful and exciting and full of love. Some people get excited about cars, some people about football, but for me, it’s running. This shirt spoke to me…
I LOVED that the bibs had names on them. It made the race feel so much more personal and spectators actually yelled “Go Amanda!” as I ran by. It’s the little things.
My Dad came with me super early to the race. My last half-marathon I went to the start alone and so having my Dad at the start with me was SO nice. Did I also mention he’s a professional photographer? He may be on the hook now to accompany me at every start of my races…sorry, Dad.
Rule #1 of racing – never try anything new on race day. I stuck to my usual peanut butter and dates as fuel. I put the dates in the back pocket of my running shorts in a plastic bag. I guess I should have practiced reaching for them because at mile 5 when I tried to reach for them, it was a hot mess. I started laughing out loud (literally), realized laughing was sucking my oxygen, grabbed the entire bag, and stuck them in bra. The rest of the race I was pulling dates out of my boobs…talk about getting funny looks from spectators and fellow runners. Ooooops!
This was right after the date incident….still coming down from the laughter. Also smiling because I knew my Dad would be at Mile 5.8! Knowing he was going to be there made me so excited and really helped me speed through my first 5 miles. Having support at a race is something I wouldn’t have thought I totally needed, but it really is priceless.
Ummm I think I missed the sports bra and knee socks memo?!? Was this in the race packet?!?
The 4 songs on my playlist that gave me an extra boost during my race:
1) Dog Days are Over – Florence and the Machines
2) Break Free – Ariana Grande
3) Power – Kanye West
4) Get Low – Lil Jon  (<— Really hope no one could hear my music through my headphones on this bad boy)
I felt pretty strong until Mile 7. Mile 7 is tough because you still have about halfway to go but you’re starting to feel it. I found that just taking one mile at a time made it less daunting and I was able to power through them all.

My official time was 1:44:32. My PR is 1:44:02. The old me would have been so irked that I missed a new PR by 31 seconds, but to be honest, I’m really not bothered at all. My goal was to get under 2 hours since I did not train much and did zero speed training. The entire morning was just the best and pacing a 7:59 minute mile was an added bonus. PS. Kudos to this guy for stopping his Garmin….I clearly forgot.

What made me even happier was having my Dad right at the finish line =). Erie is his hometown so it made the entire weekend that much more special.

The people who coordinated the finish line know the way to my heart…TruMoo.

And my post-race snack: Nillas and some banana granola. Nilla waffers have now shot up to my favorite snack.

I’ll 100% be back to run this race again. Next year, if I have more training time, I’d love to break a 7:30 pace but until then I am perfectly happy =).

Favorite song to run to? Do you have song associations?
Are you training for anything?
Favorite post workout snack?

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  1. The 2014 Erie marathon was pretty awesome for me… I got a BQ there!! Did you know they don’t run the half with the full marathon on the same date anymore? Just the full because it was becoming such a popular Boston Qualifier and the half was growing too. I might be back there this year, not sure yet.

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