Nutrition Quick Facts – SALT!

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Today I want to talk about salt (aka sodium) and give you the quick and dirty facts. On average, Americans consume 3400 mg of salt per day which is almost DOUBLE the recommended intake. Most people do not even realize how much sodium processed foods and restaurant foods have, so let’s break down the numbers.

How much salt is okay in one day?

  • The recommended daily intake (RDI) for salt per day for men and women 19 – 70 years old is approximately 920 – 2300 mg.

What the heck does 2300 mg look like? 2300 mg = 1 tsp!

What are some high sodium foods? Some low sodium foods?

  • High sodium foods: usually things that are canned (canned vegetables, soups, sauces, and nuts), deli meats, and frozen dinners.
  • For example, a Cup of Noodles has just over 1,400 mg of sodium per cup. That’s almost your entire daily intake in just one serving of food!
  •  Low sodium foods: Fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, beans, and eggs.
  • Sodium content of %5 daily value (DV) is considered “low”.

When to decrease salt intake?

  • When your blood pressure is too high. Too much salt will increase your blood pressure which ultimately puts a lot of strain on your kidneys (which process the salt) and heart.
  • To help lower blood pressure, increase your potassium intake which helps excrete excess sodium.

When to increase salt intake?

  • For most people, this is usually never recommended. Increasing salt intake is sometimes done for extreme athletes who will be losing a lot of salt through sweat during a race or event.
  • Personally, I have extremely low blood pressure, when I stand up too quickly things get blurry and sometimes go black. Increasing my salt intake can sometimes help with low blood pressure, but you should always talk to your doc first before increasing your salt intake.

That’s the quick facts about salt! I hope you guys learned something new from it, or now have a good idea of what the daily value of salt looks like.

To decrease salt in your daily diet, try to buy fresh produce, make sauces from scratch, and add little or no salt to boiling water when cooking. Or just turn all of your salt shakers into ornaments over the holidays 😉.

Q: Salt lover or salt hater?

– I add salt to everyyyything. It’s a bad habit.

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