Nutrition Thursday: 5 Tricks the Grocery Stores Don’t Want You to Know

Hi guys – how’s the day going so far?! I’m sort of in shock that we are already half way through January…

Since DC has suddenly become Antarctica, I’ve been spending my mornings at the gym rather than outdoors. One thing I love about the gym is being inspired by others. This morning I got the gym at 5:15am and it was packed and instead of being annoyed, I was excited and fed off the energy of all the other people trying to better themselves. They didn’t know it, but we were on an Exercise Team together this morning, cheering each other on. Go team! 😉

5 easy miles @ 8:34 and then some leg muscle blasters. Pushing your muscles when they are tired is an awesome way to train your muscles to push through the fatigue, which I’ll 100% need on race day. As inspired by a ‘team member’ who I saw using weights, I decided to kick it up a notch and use weights while squatting, accelerating into a calf lift at the top. Burning the glutes, calfs, and quads in one move. I’m already sore and waddling around.  I have a Leg Muscles Blaster workout coming at ya tomorrow.

I always try to grab some sort of protein for breakfast after a tough workout. Eating protein within 30 minutes of working out will help your muscles adapt and recover (aka help them grow!). Almost every morning before work I make roasted veggies to pack for lunch. Lately I’ve been making a few extra and throwing them into my breakfast which has helped keep me full until lunch! ….or until 11:30am when I cave 😉.

Broccoli, sweet potato, and spinach egg white omelet.

Don’t have these fresh foods at home? Do you typically grab whatever is most ‘convenient’ in the grocery store? You’re not alone and this leads me right into the NUTRITION THURSDAY topic 🙂.

I could talk about the psychology of eating for hours, days, months….years?! So I made myself limit this post to a narrow topic to give y’all the quick facts….and keep them quick🙂. Product placement!

Grocery stores – while full of healthy and nutritious foods, are operating as a business, and they want to make as much money as possible. How? Some say they place the produce and flowers in the front so that right when you walk in you see bright colors and feel happy…and happy people will spend more…or so they say.

Other’s say it’s all about product placement, and that’s what fun facts are coming at ya today.

Quick Facts – 5 tricks the grocery stores don’t want you to know.

Product placement – Every item in a grocery store is strategically placed. 

  1. Eye level – They call this the “buy level” because people tend to look at what is right in front of them. These will typically be the highest priced brand. Next level down, kid’s eye level. Products that entice children will be at their eye level and easy for them to reach. Sneaky!
  2. Product surface area – The more of the product you can see, the better that product sells.
  3. Location in the aisle – The further down the aisle, the higher the sales. Studies show that people like to scan all items in the aisle, but by the time they get to the end, they will most likely just grab the brand in front of them.
  4. Location in the store – Most people quickly “pop to the grocery store” when they run out of eggs, milk, or butter. So where are those items? You guessed it, in the back!These items are strategically placed so that you have to walk through the grocery store to reach them, in the hopes that you see something on your way that you pick up supplementary.
  5. Coupling – Ever notice the bread is right next to the jam and peanut butter? That’s not a coincidence – that’s strategy. If you hadn’t remembered before that you needed jam, you’d surely remember then!

Read more with these great resources HERE, and  HERE.

So many other factors play into this, like pricing and labeling.  Why does Cap’n Crunch look down? THIS study done by Cornell has found that the angle of eye contact that the characters on cereal boxes makes can impact purchasing habits.

The more we know, the more powerful we become and healthier choices we can make. Eating healthy starts at the grocery store and every little bit of knowledge is power!

Next time you are in the grocery store, see if you have to reach down or reach up to grab the cheaper products. Find the healthier choices, even if they aren’t at eye level or the end of the aisle 🙂.

Have a great day! I’ll see you all tomorrow for the perfect Overnight Oats recipe and a Leg Blaster workout to start the weekend off right!

Q: How often do you grocery shop? Do you shop with a list and stick with it?

Q: Share any grocery store tips you may have!

Q: Favorite workout you’ve done this week??

— I put this here to inspire each other, because sometimes we need a little pep in our step. I weirdly enjoyed my 5K pace tempo run!

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