Nutrition Thursday: Tips for Staying Healthy While Dining Out

Hey guys! How’s the day going?!

I’ve got an 8 miler on the schedule for this morning. DC is loving the snow storms lately so I’ll be doing the run with the lovely treadmill, a Netflix movie, and my Random Running Playlist to get me through it.

For my long-standing readers, you know it is Nutrition Thursday, my favorite day of the week 🙂. For new readers, welcome! I am so glad you are here! On Thursdays I try to introduce quick facts related to nutrition and healthy living. I promise to always keep it quick and to the point but hopefully you can find one, new tip each week.

Today’s topic, drum roll please…..

(….this is extremely anti-climatic because if you are reading this you probably read the title of this post….but let’s just go with it because drum rolls are fun….)

….Quick Facts: Tips for staying healthy while dining out!

In my prior life (okay, 7 months ago), I was a litigation consultant and often had to travel to client sites for work. A big challenge for me and many members of my team was being able to fit into our jeans on the flight home. Alright, that’s a little dramatic. We could FIT into them, but we just couldn’t button them. 😉 It truly was hard to maintain my weight and a healthy eating routine when I ate almost every meal out while traveling. I found that these easy tips for dining out really helped and I still use them today!

  • Never show up starving – if you’re ravenous before you go out to eat, have a healthy snack before, like a piece of fruit or a yogurt, so that you don’t feel the need to attack the bread basket. I usually keep some sort of Energy Balls in the fridge that I can grab on the go!
  • Drink your entire glass of water! Penn State School of Nutrition conducted a study to show that water will not help eliminate hunger, but it will definitely help curb hunger by making you feel more satiated and thus potentially reducing calorie intake.
  • Start your meal by packing in the veggies. This can be done through a starter salad or a healthy app. True Food Kitchen has a Vegetable Crudités that will blow your socks off. (Slight confession: my socks are still on in this picture, so they didn’t actually blow off. But it was really that good. Where the heck did that phrase come from anyways?!). 

“What can I get for you?” ….Ordering tips!

  • Choose whole-wheat bread
  • Ask for your sauces and dressings on the side
  • Substitute a vegetable for your fries. <– I alway ask for half veg / half fries

  • Big portion sizes? Split your meal (burger, sandwich, etc.) in half right when it comes and kindly ask for half to be packaged to-go right away. It takes away the temptation and you’ll thank yourself during lunch the next day when you get to eat the left-overs….If you don’t go back into the fridge and eat the other half that same night….not saying this has happened, not saying it hasn’t happened.
  • Treat yourself to healthy dessert. I’m really, really good at this one. If you know you have a treat coming, you are less likely to over indulge on your meal. Everything in moderation my friends. My thing lately is to hit a FroYo place after dinner…and if you’re like us, find a massive couch in the middle of the mall to sit on.

Good thing my friends are on board with this idea too 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more, THIS is a great website.

Restaurants and even fast food chains are starting to put calories right on their menus which is awesome. I love seeing how the food industry is slowly become more health conscious and helping their consumers make smarter, healthier, more informed choices. Information is power and the more we know, the better choices we can make!

Have an awesome day! I’ve got an awesome Sweet Potato Pizza recipe coming at ya tomorrow, see you then!

Q: What is your best tip for staying healthy while dining out?!

Q: All my runners – weekly mileage this week?

Q: Tell me a fun fact about yourself!

— I dyed my hair brown once and when I tried to dye it back to blonde it turned orange. I better stick with nutrition.

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