What Makes the Best Garden Hose for Your Needs


Every gardener needs certain tools and equipment to make gardening a success. One of the important tools you need is a garden hose. The local garden store is likely to have different types of hoses of varying lengths that are made of a range of materials. When you consider these options, you need to Know more to ensure you get the right one. These are tips to help you choose the right garden hose that suits your needs.

Garden Hose Materials

The right garden hose you should choose should be strong to allow frequent use. Cheaper hoses are known to become brittle, crack, and split. This can be very frustrating and can result in water wastage. Before buying a hose, make sure it is made of quality materials to ensure it can last long. You can find hoses made in different layers. Some materials have excellent resistance to UV light.

Garden Hose Length

The length of the hose is an important thing to consider. For instance, if your hose is small, you do not want to waste money getting a 100-ft hose. You should measure the length of your garden and choose an appropriate hose length. It is advisable to purchase a hose that is longer than the exact garden length. This will allow you to walk around the garden without dragging the garden through the flower beds.

Garden Hose Diameter

When looking for a garden hose, you will come across varying diameter options. The standard household piping should be ½-inch. This is the recommended option for most homeowners. If you have a large garden, then you should consider getting a 5/8-inch. Although this can still work for a small garden, it is likely to add unwanted weight. If you are a commercial landscaper, you should get a 3/4 –inch diameter.


Sometimes depending on the size of your garden, you might need more than one garden hose. If that is the case, you should ensure you get quick connectors. This will allow you to carry only the additional weight and have a lighter hose.


When buying garden hoses, you will come across options, such as heavy-duty, light-duty, and medium-duty. Although a light garden hose might seem to be the easiest to maneuver around, it can also cause kinking and tangling issues. It is advisable to consider getting a super-light hose for frequent cleaning and watering tasks. Make sure you choose a hose made of tough materials that can last several seasons.

The modern garden hoses feature foam layers that make them lightweight and prevent tangling or kinking. Also, the layers adhere to each other to provide ultimate durability and strength. You will also find hoses with protective outer covers that prevent damage and abrasions when moving the hose across your driveway.

Make sure you get a garden hose that can stand all forms of weather. After using the hose, make sure you drain it. If water is left in the hose, it is likely to freeze and expand, thereby reducing its lifespan. Leaving it outdoors can result in damage to the structure.


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