What are the Benefits of an Outdoor Extension Cord?


Three types of extension cords exist, and among them is the outdoor extension cord. Unfortunately, there are times you find yourself having to work away from the power source in your home or workspace and still need access to power. An extension cord is needed in such cases, and an extension cord reel which you can find on Giraffetools site by clicking on https://giraffetools.com/products/giraffe-tools-retractable-extension-cord-reel. This cord is a must-have for everyone, and in this extract, we look at the benefits of the outdoor extension cord.

Benefits of Having Outdoor Extension Cords

These cords have several advantages that make them attractive to buyers, such as;

1. Power Outlet Accessibility

The primary purpose of an extension cord is to reach the power outlet and provide power to where you are. Ensure the cord is long enough and can be extended to cover the desired distance. Depending on your use or application, most cords have a length of 40 to 50 feet but work with the length of your space. When buying a cord, choose a length that’s more than the distance you want to cover to avoid stretching it.

2. All-Weather Use

Outdoor extension cords are made for use in any weather, be it hot, warm, or cold. They still function and remain in good condition during sunny days, and during cold rainy days, they are not affected by moisture. This is because the cords are compressed in a sleeve prevents water from damaging them and are safe for use. The extension cords are also protected from abrasion, so wear and tear are very minimal. Despite knowing outdoor extension cords are water-resistant, it’s advisable to check for the wet weather rating before purchasing or using them.

3. Flexible and Stretchy

Most people have projects within their homes that they attend to often, so the need for extension cords is high. In addition, you may require a cord that’s long and durable to sustain you all through. Fortunately, extension cords are flexible and easy to store by winding them on a reel mounted on the wall, ceiling, or ground. Some cords appear small in length, so tucking them away from your vicinity is easy, but they are stretchy and can be extended to your preferred length when needed.

4. Used for Decorative Purposes

Outdoor extension cords come in handy on special occasions or holidays to light up outdoor spaces. We often decorate the interior of our homes during Christmas, but you can use the cords to extend the lights outside. Place the lights against the wall to capture the eye and prevent tripping in the dark or kids running around. Also, confirm that the cord is rated for use outside before making the connection.

Bottom Line

Outdoor extension cords are a great addition to your home to facilitate any power needs away from the power outlet. They come in varying lengths based on your yard size, and the cost also differs depending on size, model, or brand.


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