5 Reasons Why Hand Watering Is Your Best Bet


Who even has the time and excess reserved energy for hand watering? This is one question you are likely to ask yourself every now and then.

If you are however, down for hand watering, finding a company that offers a 2 years warranty for a garden hose reel should be your top priority. That takes away some of the stress.

When you think something is rewarding, what do you do? Of course, you make out time for it even when you have other chores piled up. That’s exactly how you should treat hand watering.

5 Benefits of Hand Watering

Below are 5 interesting reasons why you should hand water your plants more often.

1. Fewer episodes of under-watering or over-watering

Hand Watering gives you the opportunity to meet the specific water needs of each plant. Not all plants have the same water needs. While some plants need light and regular watering, others need a more intense watering.

Hand watering reduces the episodes of overwatering and under watering to the barest minimum because you know when to stop and when not to. Overwatering in addition to wasting scarce resources, washes away plant topsoil. Hence, it should be avoided as much as possible.

2. It conserves water

Hand watering is quite efficient and it prevents water wastage. Overhead sprinklers can be used in larger farms for even distribution of water, but for your mini garden, you need something more precise.

Hand watering is the best way to achieve such precision needed for your mini garden. Also, unlike sprinklers which water both the beds and the pathways, hand watering waters only plant beds leaving the pathway dry.

3. It keeps the foliage dry

Some plants for instance squash plants flourish best when their foliage is kept dry. Therefore you are expected to water them from beneath so that the leaves are not tampered with.

Fragile crops such as spinach and lettuce are susceptible to disease and issues related to excess moisture. As such, Hand Watering becomes more advantageous because it prevents excess watering.

4. Foolproof

Using a sprinkler is trickier than many people think. On some occasions, it remains stuck in a particular position. Thus it supplies one part of the garden with excess water while it deprives the other part of sufficient water.

To get it right all the time, you have to constantly adjust the settings and this is not one of the most pleasant jobs around. Instead of going through the stress, you can simply hand-water the plants.

5. You spend more time with your plants

Gardening is not just a chore, it can be a leisure activity, especially when you do it together with your loved ones. Gardening does not just feed the body, it nourishes the soul as well.

As you grow older gardening becomes more fulfilling and more rewarding. Another special advantage of hand watering is that it allows you to spend more time with your little creature.



Hand Watering is not just beneficial to the plants, even the gardener derives many benefits too. It contributes a lot to the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of an individual.


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