The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Hot Tub


When you just don’t have the funds needed to get a spa treatment, the next exciting option is using a hot tub that’s located in the confines of your home. If you are looking to get a hot tube, China Royal Spa is a great place to start. This way, you can easily run self-care treats whenever you feel like it. As a hot tub owner, you must follow certain effective steps that will help you to keep it clean and safe for use.

This piece contains a compilation of the important elements that will ensure that your hot tub is properly cared for.

How to Maintain Your Hot Tub

1. Test the Water

Testing the hot tub water is the first most important step to ensuring the general safety and health of the hot tub. Testing the water should be done daily, regardless of the spa’s current state of usage.

Things you should look out for while testing the water includes:

  • The pH
  • Level of alkalinity

The easiest way to go about this is to use recommended test strips. These will help you get the desired results quickly.

2. Shock Treatments

Asides from using a sanitizer on your hot tub, you should also oxidize the water weekly, using a chlorine-free shock treatment. Doing this will help you to achieve 3 major aims which are:

  • Get Rid of Bacteria
  • Chloramines break down
  • Removal of organic compounds

3. Change Water

In maintaining your hot tub, you can’t keep leaving the water that was preserved with chemicals. You should at least, change the water once each month of the year. However, if your hot tub isn’t frequently used, you can opt to change the water every 3 to 5 months.

Before replacing the entire water, ensure to include a pipe cleaner in the hot tub. The pipe cleaner helps to get rid of any form of residue, dirt, greasy body lotions, and oils. Calcium that may also alter the process will be loosened and washed away.

If your hot tub has headrests, endeavor to remove them while changing the water. Also, thoroughly clean them to remove any element that may pose a threat to your well-being.

4. Clean the Filter

Before you decide to clean the filter, they should bear in mind that the cleaning can go through 3 different time-frames. These include:

  • 2 to 3 weeks:this is done when you want to perform a fast rinse and clean. It doesn’t consume much of your time.
  • 2 to 3 months:This time frame is used to give a thorough cleaning to the hot tub filters. Keeping a clean filter on standby is best for this as you can easily replace it after deep cleansing.
  • Once a year: usually, filters last for up to 1 year, less or more, depending on how constantly it was used. It’s not wise to use your filters for more than a year, as it can be one less effective and debris may feel comfortable staying in it.


Maintaining your hot tub shouldn’t pose a daunting task. As long as you know the steps involved and how to go about them, you will be fine in the end.


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