How to safely use your hose reel


A hose reel is an essential piece of equipment designed for storing hose reels. The best hose reels on the market are designed with a stable retractable system. The role of this design element is to ensure easy application of the device. They also provide the hose and hose reel safety. That said, this post will focus on hose reel safety.

Safety tips for using hose reels

The leading role of hose reels is to promote safety and protection for users and hose reels. They protect the hose reel from damage like breakage and protect users by preventing accidents from issues like tripping. However, improper usage of hose reels can also make them a safety hazard. The tips mentioned above will help prevent this from happening;

1. Ensure that the hose reel is securely mounted

One of the essential safety tips for using hose reels is ensuring that the hose reel is securely mounted. Improper mounting of hose reels can result in severe accidents. For instance, if the hose is not securely mounted, it may fall off its brackets, resulting in severe repercussions. This is especially the case if the hose reel is located in areas with a lot of traffic. This means that it could fall on someone. If the hose reel is mounted in a place like a garage where other devices are also stored, this situation could also significantly damage other equipment.

2. Identify the correct hose reel for its intended application

Another excellent tip for safely using a hose reel is identifying the suitable hose reel for its intended purpose. Note that there are numerous types of hose reels on the market. Most of these types are designed for a specific application. For instance, a garden hose reel is meant for gardening applications, while a fuel hose reel is designed for holding fuel hoses. This means that one type of hose reel cannot be used in the place of another.

For instance, you cannot use a garden hose reel in the place of a pressure washer or firefighting hose reel. Doing this could result in significant safety issues. For example, using a garden hose reel as a pressure washer hose reel could cause substantial damages and environmental impact.

3. Be keen on the installation area

It would also help if you were keen on the installation area. When choosing the best installation spot, you must ensure that it is not in an area with constant traffic. The last thing you want is for people to keep bumping on the hose reel when walking by. It would also help if you avoided installing your hose reel in an area that cannot handle its weight and application.

For instance, mounting a hose reel on drywall. This type of wall cannot handle the pressure and weight of the hose and the reel. Therefore, both products may come off the wall sooner or later, causing damages to your property and posing a safety threat to the people, devices, and pets around.


In addition to the tips mentioned above, it would also help if you followed the installation and assembling instructions to the tee. Doing this will prevent accidents and also ensure the proper functioning of the products.


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