Understanding The Qualities Of Peruvian Hair


Human hair wigs are some of the most popular types of hair. As the title suggests, human hair wigs are made from natural human hair. The hairs are usually sourced from different parts of the country. The most popular types of human hair are Brazilian and Peruvian hair. Peruvian hair is one of the most sought-after forms of human hair in the hair market. This is because it offers several incredible qualities. This post covers the primary qualities of Peruvian hair.

What is the origin of Peruvian hair?

Before getting into the qualities of Peruvian hair, the first thing you should know is the origin. Understanding its origin will help you grasp the qualities of the hair better. Peruvian hair, as the name suggests, comes from the nation of Peru. This nation is made up of a combination of native Indians and immigrants from Spain. The interbreeding of these two cultures has led to a population of mixed Latinos. Therefore, Peruvian hair consists of the qualities of Indian and Spanish hair.

Qualities of Peruvian hair

The following are some defining qualities of Peruvian hair which also double down as the reason why Peruvian hair is popular:

1. Color

One of the first qualities you will notice about Peruvian hair is that it naturally grows in light and dark brown shades. This means that most natural Peruvian hair wigs usually come in dark shades. However, you may run into a few discreet blond Peruvian hair shades once in a while. It is also worth mentioning that you can always dye your Peruvian human hair wig to whichever color you want.

2. Thickness

One of the most important qualities of Peruvian hair is that it is thick. Its popularity is primarily tied to the fact that its thickness is hard to match. The only other type of hair with a thickness similar to or close to this hair is Brazilian hair. Whether the hair is curled or straightened, it still maintains a glorious and unmatched thickness.

3. Strength

Another impressive quality of Peruvian hair is that it is very strong. Its strength makes it hard to break. Its strength allows you to use heat and a wide range of hair products on the hairpiece without worrying about it breaking. With a wig made from Peruvian hair, you can use dyes, comb constantly, and use heat for styling. Strength is a great feature for wigs because it means that the hair product can last longer. The strength of Peruvian hair is also one of the main reasons why making wigs using this type of hair is easy.

4. Incredible texture

Another quality you must know about Peruvian hair is that it features incredible texture. Peruvian hair is usually quite smooth. This texture, in addition to the strength, makes it easy to comb. Not only is the hair smooth, but it also features a characteristic shine that is hard not to recognize.


Naturally, Peruvian hair can grow in a straight, wavy, or crimped form. This is an incredible quality because it is responsible for the availability of a wide variety of Peruvian human hair wigs.


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