Ways On How To Maintain Your Deep Wave Human Hair Wig


Deep wave human hair wigs have different reactions to the different weather conditions. They dry out quicker during the winter conditions and summer seasons. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain your wig always. Furthermore, colored wigs such as the honey blonde wig require special attention to maintain the shiny new look. Therefore, this article aims to update you on six tips on taking care of your deep wave human hair wig.

Six ways on how to maintain your deep wave human hair wig

1. Condition your deep wave human hair wig

Conditioning your deep wave human hair wig is essential, especially during seasons such as the winter, where wigs quickly dry out faster. Therefore, during such times, the best method is not just your regular conditioning but deep conditioning. The merit of deep conditioning the deep wave human hair wig is to prevent strand breakage and dryness. Furthermore, conditioning also helps revive the wig’s thickness, softness, and texture, thus making it shiny and fresher. While conditioning the wig, ensure that you use the proper conditioner meant for wigs.

2. Air dry your deep wave human hair wig

Ensuring you limit the use of flat irons, hairdryers, hot rollers, and curling irons on your wig is very crucial, especially during the winter season when hair dries out faster. The most acceptable means of drying your wig is to air dry it. The critical point to note is that as you air dry your wig, ensure that you do not wear it while it is still damp. If it is damp, the wig can be easily damaged.

3. Use a wide toothbrush or comb

While brushing the deep wave human hair wig, avoid using narrow combs and toothbrushes. Narrow combs can encourage you to pull out hair strands, therefore, damaging the wig. Therefore, the best brush for your wig is a wide toothbrush or comb.

4. Be gentle with how you touch your wig

Wigs generally require tender care. Therefore, while touching your hair, ensure that you do it gently and not forcefully. Also, when you remove hats, it would be best to do it gently to prevent the pulling of the wig.

5. Avoid covering your wig with hats as much as possible

Covering your wig with hats and wraps can encourage it to dry out faster. Therefore, it would help to limit the frequency of wearing hats and wraps on your wig as much as possible. 

6. Avoid sleeping with your deep wave hair wig

Sleeping with your wig on can encourage the formation of knots. Therefore, it is advisable not to sleep with your wig. You can place the wig on a wig stand, or you can cover the wig with a soft material or scarf as you go to sleep.


Taking care of your wig is very important. Seasons such as the winter season ensures that wigs can dry out easily and faster; thus, it is crucial to watch out for the weather and how your wig is fairing. In addition, the deep wave human hair wig requires taking care of to look good always. Thus, the above pointers will help you take good care of your wig.


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